A little bit about myself

What began as a hobby – creating typographic lyric videos during my spare time, naturally led to the development of a skillset primarily centered around 2D motion graphics. This led me down a rabbit hole of dabbling in the many varying facets of digital media such as: video & photo editing, graphic design, UI/UX, vector illustration, 3D animation, sound design, print, VFX, and photography.

Pursuing those interests made me realize the common denominator, and ultimately what was important to me – storytelling. Being able to materialize thoughts into visuals is exciting, but what made it meaningful was bringing all of those elements together to communicate the bigger picture and seeing the lasting impression it left on others.

And having the right tools at hand means you're not creatively limited to how you can share your story or ideas, so if it sounds like I can help you out with your next project, please don't hesitate to reach out to collaborate!